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Alpha Science International Ltd., U.K.  

  American Scientific Publishers, U.S.A.  

  American Psychiatric Publishing Inc., U.S.A +APPIFeatures:"'Featured!'"  

Amsterdam University Press, Netherlands  

Anshan, U.K.  

Asia One Product and Publishing Limited, Hong Kong  

Ane Books Pvt. Ltd, India
(Specialized in all subjects) China / HK/ Taiwan

Astral International (P) Limited, India
(Specialized in Agriculture, Biotechnology. Fisheries, Veterinary Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences) China / HK/ Taiwan

Atlantic Publishing
(Specialized in Self-help. Business, Internet, Hospitality,Education) China / HK/ Taiwan

  Cambridge International Science Publishing Ltd, U.K.  

Channel View Publications, U.K.

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Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong  

City University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong


  Cardiotext Publishing, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Medical Science) China

  Carl Hanser Verlag, Germany
(Specialized in Plastics) Taiwan

Dunedin Academic Press, U.K.  

  DEStech Publications, Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Advanced Materials, Environmental Technology, Food Science & Technology) HK / China / Taiwan

European Mathematical Society Publishing House, Germany  

  FW Media, U.K.
(Specialized in General Trade) China

Federation Press, Australia  

  Garnet Publishing Limited and Ithaca Press, U.K.  

  Gerlach Press, Germany  

  Global Professional Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Banking, Finance, Economics and Business) HK / China / Taiwan

Greenleaf Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Corporate Responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy & mgt) HK / China

Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong



Idea Books, Netherlands  

Industrial Press, U.S.A
(Specialized in Technical Books for Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing & Education) HK / China / Taiwan

Indian Journals Online
(Specialized in areas of Agriculture, Animal Science, Applied Science & Tech, Dental Science) HK / China / Taiwan

  InTech Publisher, Croatia
(Specialized in Science, Engineering & Technology, Medicine) HK / China / Taiwan

J.Ross Publishing, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Engineering, Science, Architecture & Business HK / China / Taiwan

KW Publishers Pvt, Limited, India
(Specialized in Regional Security, Politics, International Relations) China / HK / Taiwan

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany  

MCCM Creations, Hong Kong  

Multilingual Matters, U.K.

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Mathematical Sciences Publishers, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Mathematical Journals) China / HK/ Taiwan

Meyer & Meyer Sport
(Specialized in Sports) China / HK / Taiwan

New Academic Science, U.K.  

Nova Science, U.S.A.





  Open University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong



  Oneworld Publications, U.K.
(Fiction, Non-Fiction / Politics, Psychology, Business & Econ) China

Peter Lang, Switzerland  

Packt Publishing, Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Computer Science) HK / China / Taiwan

Plural Publishing Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Education and speech-language pathology, audiology, and otolaryngology) China / Macau

  Practical Action Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Development) HK / China / Taiwan

Royal Society of Chemistry, U.K.  
(Specialized in Chemistry) China / HK / Taiwan  

Scion Publishing Ltd, U.K.

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Scitus Academics, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Earth Science) HK / China / Taiwan

TFM Publishers, U.K.  

  TransTech Publications Inc
(Specialized in Material Science) HK / China / Taiwan

Thieme Verlag, Germany
(Specialized in Medical Science) China / HK

  VDM Publishing Group, Germany  

WIT Press, U.K.