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Alpha Science International Ltd., U.K.  

(Specialized in Mathematics, Engineering & Technology, Medicine, Science)  

  American Scientific Publishers, U.S.A.  

Specialized in Science and Technology)  

  American Psychiatric Publishing Inc., U.S.A  

Specialized in Psychiatric, Health Science)  

Amsterdam University Press, Netherlands  

(Specialized in Humanities, Social Science, Education & Popular Science)  

Anshan, U.K.  

(Specialized in Science, Technology and Medical)  

Asia One Product and Publishing Limited, Hong Kong  

(Specialized in Photography and Art)  

Ane Books Pvt. Ltd, India
(Specialized in all subjects) China / HK/ Taiwan

Astral International (P) Limited, India
(Specialized in Agriculture, Biotechnology. Fisheries, Veterinary Sciences, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences) China / HK/ Taiwan

Atlantic Publishing
(Specialized in Self-help. Business, Internet, Hospitality,Education) China / HK/ Taiwan
  Berg Publishers, U.K. / Fairchild Books, U.K.  

(Specialized in Fashion, Textiles, Interior Design, Design, Film, Art, Sociology, History)  

  Bloomsbury Academic, U.K.  

(Specialized in humanities and social sciences)  

  Cambridge International Science Publishing Ltd, U.K.  

(Specialized in Engineering, Technology, Material Science, Mathematics)  

Channel View Publications, U.K.  

(Specialized in tourism and environmental studies)




Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong  

(Specialized in Social Science and General Interest)  

City University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong  

(Specialized in Social Science, Management and General Interest)


  Cardiotext Publishing, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Medical Science) China

  Carl Hanser Verlag, Germany
(Specialized in Plastics) Taiwan

Dunedin Academic Press, U.K.  

(Specialized in Social Science and Education)  

  DEStech Publications, Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Advanced Materials, Environmental Technology, Food Science & Technology) HK / China / Taiwan

European Mathematical Society Publishing House, Germany  

(Specialized in Mathematics)  

  FW Media, U.K.
(Specialized in General Trade) China

Federation Press, Australia  

(Specialized in legal, social and academic books)  

  Garnet Publishing Limited and Ithaca Press, U.K.  

(Specialized in Middle East and Arab World’s Architecture, Art, Culture, Heritage & History)  

  Gerlach Press, Germany  

(Specialized in Middle East and Islamic Studies)  

  Gulf Publishing Company, U.S.A.  

(Specialized in Oil, Petroleum, Engineering & Technology)  

  Global Professional Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Banking, Finance, Economics and Business) HK / China / Taiwan

Greenleaf Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Corporate Responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy & mgt) HK / China

Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong  

(Specialized in cultural studies, film and media studies, Chinese history and culture)


  Hua Mu Lan Culture Publishing Company (花木蘭文化出版社),Taiwan  

(Specialized in History & Cultural studies


Idea Books, Netherlands  

(Specialized in Art, Architecture, Design, Photography, Fashion)  

Industrial Press, U.S.A
(Specialized in Technical Books for Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing & Education) HK / China / Taiwan

Indian Journals Online
(Specialized in areas of Agriculture, Animal Science, Applied Science & Tech, Dental Science) HK / China / Taiwan

  InTech Publisher, Croatia
(Specialized in Science, Engineering & Technology, Medicine) HK / China / Taiwan

J.Ross Publishing, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Engineering, Science, Architecture & Business HK / China / Taiwan

KW Publishers Pvt, Limited, India
(Specialized in Regional Security, Politics, International Relations) China / HK / Taiwan

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany  

(Specialized in all subjects – monographs, theses and dissertations)  

MCCM Creations, Hong Kong  

(Specialized in Art, Architecture, Design, Children Books)  

Multilingual Matters, U.K.  
(Specialized in bilingualism, second/foreign language learning, sociolinguistics, translation, interpreting and books for parents)




Mathematical Sciences Publishers, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Mathematical Journals) China / HK/ Taiwan

Meyer & Meyer Sport
(Specialized in Sports) China / HK / Taiwan

New Academic Science, U.K.  

(Specialized in Science, Technology and Medical)  

Nova Science, U.S.A.  

(all subjects)




  Open University of Hong Kong Press, Hong Kong  

(Specialized in Education and Social Science)


  Oneworld Publications, U.K.
(Fiction, Non-Fiction / Politics, Psychology, Business & Econ) China

Peter Lang, Switzerland  

(Specialized in Humanities, Languages, Social Sciences, Law & Economics  

Packt Publishing, Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Computer Science) HK / China / Taiwan

Plural Publishing Inc., U.S.A.
(Specialized in Education and speech-language pathology, audiology, and otolaryngology) China / Macau

  Practical Action Publishing, U.K.
(Specialized in Development) HK / China / Taiwan

Royal Society of Chemistry, U.K  

(Specialized in Chemistry)  

Scion Publishing Ltd, U.K.  

(Specialized in Life and Medical Science)




Scitus Academics, U.S.A.
(Specialized in Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Earth Science) HK / China / Taiwan

TFM Publishers, U.K.  

(Specialized in Medical Science)  

  The Stationery Office (TSO), U.K.  
  (Specialized in U.K. Gazettes and U.K./Europe Phramacopoeia)  

  TransTech Publications Inc
(Specialized in Material Science) HK / China / Taiwan

Thieme Verlag, Germany
(Specialized in Medical Science) China / HK

  VDM Publishing Group, Germany  

(Specialized in all subjects – monographs, theses and dissertations)  

WIT Press, U.K.  

(Specialized in Science, Engineering & Technology)