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Background of China Publishers Services (CPS)

CPS is an established Publisher's Representative for Asia.
It is managed by an industry veteran based in Hong Kong with over
  20 years of experience in the publishing industry Edwin Chu----M.D.
  • Springer Verlag – Sales Director, North Asia.
  • Thomson Learning – Regional Manager.
  • Harper Collins (Higher Ed) – Commission Rep.
  • Dawson – Commission Rep.
  • Maxwell Comm Corp – Manager.
  • Harcourt Brace – Sales Rep.
  • It has a dedicated marketing staff based in Beijing, China, one of
      world's most dynamic & exciting markets.
    It has good connections with academic library suppliers, foreign
      language book importers, specialized academic STM distributors and
      international library suppliers especially in North Asia.

    Mission of CPS

  • To research and identify emerging and growth market segments for our
  • To help establish our publishers' brand awareness and improve its print
      position through unique & innovative market development strategies.
  • To increase profitable sales revenue through the execution of planned
      strategies .
  • To develop new market segments through demand creation
  • To analyze and report on market trend, customer dynamics and
      business impact due to government regulatory changes
  • To establish valuable customer relationship management database for
      future new product promotion.
  • To assist publishers to resolve any dispute with local customers, such as
      collection issue.
  • To assist publishers for any right transaction.

    Differentiated Advantage

    Local Presence & Local Management.
  • Being close to customers and distribution partners.
  • Timely feedback of regulatory changes to publishers.
  • Local Decision making enabling fast response to customer
  • pecial requests.
  • Strategic Partnership with Major Book Importers & Distributors.
  • Guaranteed Space in their catalogues.
  • Guaranteed Participation in Mobile Book Road Shows.
  • Great experience in developing, motivating & managing local
      distribution network .
    Longstanding personal relations with key customers and suppliers.
    Deep understanding of Local Culture and Business Practice.
    Ability to participate in nonpublic and unsolicited tenders.

    CPS's Commitment & Services

  • Provide accurate and periodically updated market information to the
      Publishers such as new government initiatives and regulatory changes.
  • Execute aggressive and innovative market development programs to
      pro-actively reach out to customers on behalf of the Publishers.
  • Research and Establish distribution networks on behalf of the
      Publishers based on agreed criteria in the Territory.
  • Conduct at least 6-8 field customer visits per year and provide trip
      reports to the Publishers.
  • Recommend appropriate trading terms & conditions to customers on
      behalf of the Publishers within the Territory.
  • Use Customer Relationship Management tools to provide
      comprehensive list of universities / customers to Publishers for
      targeted mailing and further contact.
  • Research and identify collaboration partners to carry out aggressive
      marketing programs to increase sales.