Developing Innovative Marketing Strategies & Plan

Development of Targeted market segmentation.
Development of Targeted Customer segmentation.
Market Development Plan.
Distribution Channel Development & Management.
Direct Selling Strategies.
Collaboration Methodology.
Sales Plan Development & Progress Update.
Customer Base Development and Maintenance.
New Product Introduction Plan.

Market Development

Catalogues – Collaborate with the Channel.
  • Subject Specific Catalogues.
  • Unique Stock Catalogues.
  • Comprehensive Academic & STM Catalogues.
  • ntensive & Large Scale Mobile Exhibition Road Shows to cover all.
    major universities and industrial customers.
    Sponsorship of Fixed Showroom at key academic institutions.
    Subject Specific Showroom at Municipal libraries.
    Attending major Book Fairs and Exhibitions.
    Selective Advertisement at major academic journals.
    On-site Seminars.

    Marketing Execution

    Introduction of Products to university libraries through direct mailing, personal visits and seminars
      through collaboration with distributors
    Introduction of Products to local library suppliers / book importers / International library suppliers
      through personal visits
    Selected special promotions at universities, such as book exhibition with local library suppliers / book
    Offer special / additional discount or returnable basis for exhibition orders during the introductory stage.
    Attend local major book exhibitions on a selective basis.